Sunday, February 28, 2010

Post Olympic Withdrawals

Well, two weeks of tv every night and all weekend long has now come to a close. I kept my commitment of only working on my hexagon project while watching tv and I'm thrilled with the progress I've made. My weekend got a bit sidelined with charity quilts. I finished a big flannel one for the Celilo Cancer Center in The Dalles, OR. I need to turn the binding and hand sew it then off it goes. Paula K. made the beautiful top and I did the quilting.
Them Muriel dropped off a top for the Canadian Military, and so politely asked, "Can I have that back on Thursday?" Of course I replied, chuckling inside. Then she thanked me so nicely and I realized she was serious! *grin*
I got up early and worked on a bit of it prior to the gold medal hockey game, ran downstairs in between periods and then finished it after the game was over.

I love that many hands went into making this quilt and I got the pleasure of quilting it. The backing fabric is so perfect, poppies. So now Muriel has the goal of getting the binding on and delivering this to the group who will make sure it gets into the hands of a deserving military person! They deserve so much more!
Vancouver says good bye to the 2010 Winter Olympics, they say the city will never be the same again, a success on all fronts! Job well done!

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Valentina said...


I am very sad that it is over as well, unfortunately I did not get any stitching done while watching and did not get to watch that much either. ( the weird hours didn't help) But it was loads of fun following you around: you made the olympics more real for me! Thanks Sharon!
and I am soooo happy your quilt is turning out so beautiful!
Valentina from Cyprus