Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do you EQ?

I'm a "show me" type of learner and because of this, I signed up for an EQ 6 class at the LQS. I've got the book, I've worked my way through many different graphic softwares and yet I just didn't have the mojo to work through this book and tutorials. The class was great, step by step we created the sample quilt the instructor brought. I'd never make this project, but it's got me jumpstarted with the software. Oh to find all the time to do all the projects I already have in various stages of production.
This is my time to work on projects that I've already started. OK, I did give myself leeway to start one new project as long as it was hand applique. I'm well under way with that already. And then there was the challenge Tonya at Lazy Gal threw out into blogland, the Liberated Amish. I jumped on that one.....and I still have a list of projects that are in various stages of progress.
One such item is my One Block Wonder. I pulled it out this week and just by sewing in very small time frames, I managed to get all the 1/2 hexagons sewn together. I've now stacked them in color groups and it's ready to move to the design wall. Except the wall has 144 log cabin blocks on it that need to be tagged and numbered! One thing at a time.
Here is my stack of blocks all sewn and paired together.
This is a sneak peek at several different color ways that showed up in the blocks.
Original fabric that I used.
I've also been stitching away on my hexi's and doing some hand quilting on a sampler that I pieced a few years ago. Slow and steady and making some headway.


Jackie said...

Don't you wish we had time for all those projects that we would like to do! I think that many times we are all visual learners and a class is just perfect for that. I love the fabric that you chose for your one block wonder.

Julie in the Barn said...

I've been tempted to get EQ because my math skills are so bad. Resizing a block is a real chore for me. And I'm not so great at value placement. I now make test blocks before cutting up my fabric and almost always realize my choices don't work like I envisioned. EQ would be a big help avoiding that problem. Tonya's challenge is tempting me, too.