Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Mailbox Runneth Over

Some times I get a little bored and start looking at fabric on line. Then I shake my head and click off the site, as I'm trying very hard to stay on my fabric diet. It's kind of like walking through a bakery or chocolate shop when you're trying to loose a few pounds. Then I start looking at books, I need to go on a book diet too, but that's another whole challenge I'm not about to undertake right now. This is what arrived this week.
I paid a little more than the cover price on this through Amazon, but it's a book I've wanted since I discovered Gwen Marston and her quilting ideas. I especially wanted it for this quilt picture.

How exquisite! I've been on a kick lately about vintage appliqued quilts and the hand quilting on the old quilts is something to be admired. This one falls into the catagory of "I aspire to quilt something like this before I die". Hmmm, I hope I live to be 108! I'll need all those years.
The next day this book arrives, I've bought the second one to this but this one is absolutely amazing. If you love old quilts and red/green applique, this book is the best.

Look at this hand quilting. Whenever I look at these pictures, I try to imagine the daily life these women had. No conveniences like a corner grocery store, no OTT light over their shoulder, no blue washout pens and pre made plastic stencils. And yet they have created the most amazing pieces of work.
I am finding these vintage samplers and appliques to be very liberated, just in a slightly different manner from Gwen. The quilts aren't perfect, they didn't miter their corners, every flower isn't exactly the same. But that's what makes these quilts shine. And the amount of hand quilting, well, it's just fantastic.
The authors Terry and Nancy have been so gracious and shared this detailed pattern of some amazing quilting. I will definitely give this a try!
And if you are still with me on this long winded post, here are my pumpkins, basking in the early morning sunshine.
Now I'm off to sell raffle tickets at the local grocery store. We are getting the team closer to their $2300 each and the 3 day / 60 mile walk is fast approaching! Click the team link to make a donation!


Mimi said...

this post reminded me....I am leaving for Gwen's retreat in just a few days. Can't tell you how excited I am.

Exuberant Color said...

The hand quilting is amazing on those older quilts. They made do and must have had some ingenious ideas of how to mark their designs.
Your pumpkins are so cute!

liz said...

They are amazing quilts. I think one of the differences between the women of yesteryear and current quilters is in the mindset. Today, we are in such a rush to finish quilts and generally cut corners - well, speaking for myself. Whereas previously women may not have been as prolific and were able to devote more time and design thought to each quilt, while making fewer quilts. Just an idea. Great post!