Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rug Hookers

Recently I posted pictures from the Needlework entries at the NW WA fair. One picture was of a hooked rug and Liz from quilterie been asked to expand on this topic. First off, I've never made a rug, nor have I even ventured into this craft. Honestly, I'm afraid to! If you have any info/advice on this subject, please feel free to correct or update my limited info. 
There are so many beautiful projects going on in this area and Bellingham was an excellent group of hookers. This is the first one and I've shown it before. I love how the background has been put in so it has a definite pattern to the solid blue, almost like quilting stitches define a setting triangle.  The use of value is the same in rug hooking as in quilting.
When I walked by the area that the rugs were displayed, I just scanned over this one.  After going back a second and third time, I was mesmerized by the detail of this.  I think it got overshadowed by the following one, which was so striking it demanded your attention.
This was the division winner, and rightly so. Simply spectacular! Sorry, I have no names of the artists who made these rugs.
So if this has prompted you to want to know more about rug hooking, check out Minick and Simpson. The very best in Americana designs.
I found this link to a group of video tutorials, but I have not viewed them. The Painted Quilt, Kaaren, did a wonderful post on her adventures getting started with rug hooking. Read about it here.
With a bit of searching online, I'm sure you can find everything you need to get started on this beautiful craft.
Enjoy the long weekend!


liz said...

Thanks for the rug show. I think I must feel the same way I felt when I first saw a quilt all those years ago. I just wanted to know more. The amount of work in these rugs is amazing! I can tell there must be a huge investment in time as well. I take my hat off to these artisans. I'm off to visit your links. Can't thank you enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon
I adore hooked rugs and pour over them whenever an opportunity arises, often wishing I had the time and knowhow to make one.
Thanks for the links...I can see some drooling happening for me in the near future!

Ann Champion said...

I adore hooked rugs! When my beloved dog died from the tainted dog food a few years ago I decided to do a pillow with his image as a memorial. It was harder than I thought!
I read a few books, and managed to do it, but if I were going to continue..I'd want a proper frame and a cutter. :)

Window On The Prairie said...

Love the one with the tree. Very pretty.