Monday, October 25, 2010

Cherries, Kiwi's and Swimsuits

Whew! I've finally finished block #1 from Beyond the Cherry Tree. Everyone else is on block #12 or #13, but what the heck. At least I've started the journey. Here is my first block. I'm using freezer paper on the back of the fabric and basted down before I applique. When I'm close to finishing the piece, I remove the basting threads, pull out the freezer paper and needle turn the remaining bit of the piece. I am also using the heat resistant circles, there are a lot of circles in this project. If I can find them pre cut like the hexi templates, I'll be buying them as the border has over 160 cherries. I've already started making a few for the border. If I make 5 per block, I'll have them ready to applique once all the blocks are done. I love the look of these vintage fabrics and I'm already stitching block #2.
When I bought my house, the owners pointed out a kiwi plant in the back yard. Everyone that has visited and toured the back yard has been a Doubting Debbie about my kiwi. They don't really believe it's a kiwi or that it will bear fruit. So I got all excited when I saw the first, and only, kiwi on this plant. I was very careful to not touch it until it turned black on the the outside. Finally, it was time to harvest my bounty. So to all the nay sayers, take this! It was as sweet as any kiwi I've bought in the store, there just wasn't much of it!
And finally, for kicks, here are a few pictures of my mother when she was a young hottie. The good old days in Vancouver BC, she must have been in her late teen's or early 20's. Mom is on the right.
I really miss her. It will be 4 years this December. Time flies.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, for paper circles try and look under English Paper piecing. Sue makes very nice paper templates. I am currently using her hexagons and have used her circles in the past.
My patterns for the Cherry Trees blocks 1-9 arrived yesterday...I'm trying to be well behaved and not start until I have a finish...*siiigh*. I shared the cost with a friend.
Your block looks lovely. K

liz said...

I can't believe that you are working on the same block on the same quilt as me! Maybe we can have a blog-quilt-buddy thing going...that would certainly spur me on and make me keep going. How about you? I bet we can get Kate involved too! I like your choice of fabrics and I will post mine as soon as the last cherry is on.

Your Mum looks extremely attractive!!!

John'aLee said...

That is a beautiful block. There are circle mylar templates out there. I've bought them before...but I'm in the midst of a move and can't get to them so I can't get the name. Try doing a google search. They are awesome and worth the hunt. I picked them up at Quilt Market one year.
Good luck on your 'applique journey' of this quilt. I'm sure it will be a masterpiece when you are done!

be*mused jan said...

I love this first block of yours! I have only done one...a test run on the dotted background. I really need to get back to this project. A block a month doesn't sound so difficult!

Lori said...

I LOVE your first block!! It's really fantastic. Mine won't be quite as "perfect" as yours, but we'll have a lot of fun on the way!!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Hi Sharon. Have you tried "Perfect Circles". Here's a link to them:

they work really well!

Mimi said...

I love your block! I especially love the little red stems. I never would have thought of using red, but it looks great. Can't wait to see #2. Mmmm...I can almost taste that little kiwi, too. :)

Sharon said...

Your first block is beautiful! You're on your way to a real beauty! My, that is a LOT of cherries in your future!

Homegrown kiwis are the best! We used to have a tree in CA and the fruit was good, although my kids weren't wild about them. Patience is it's own reward. Maybe there'll be more next summer.

Your Mom was looker!

Barb said...

Just popped over from Jan's blog - what a lovely blog you have, I'll be back to enjoy your archives.

Joan said...

Yum to the kiwi fruit..maybe you will get more next year ...and yes - I understand how you miss your Mum - Mum's are special. Love the cherry block too its looks great

Ann Champion said...

Your first block turned out great! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous.
Your kiwi is awfully cute. Maybe you'll get more next year? :)