Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cleaning up and Finishing Up

This was the final of three quilts that I had to finish and send back to their owner. Sometimes it's hard for me to do that, because I want to keep their very cute quilts. This was one that I wanted to keep!

Now do you see why? This is so adorable, I just love the borders, the ants taking away the food, it's over the top on the cute factor. Bye bye, ants, time to go back to live at your creaters home. It felt good to put that big box of quilts back in the mail to Mona! Now she gets to work on them again.
My gal pal Lisa was here for a night and she is Miss Organization. I love when she comes to town. She motivates me and gets my butt in gear and when she left I felt like I could breath in my studio. Thank you, my friend.
All the bolts of fabric are off the floor.

There is room under my Longarm for a roll of batting.
All the piles and groups of stencils are all now in one spot, handy to me when I need them and all organized. I have to admit, I've had the curtain rod for a year, I just needed to buy the rings and hang the darn thing.
Good stuff arrived in my mail box this week. This is the necklace I won from Pam and Debbie and you can read about it here.

There was also a small package of fabric. Yes, I know, I'm not buying right now. But I needed this piece. I only purchased a yard of the Moda Bella in cream and then once I got going on these charm packs, well, I ran out. So to buy with a purpose is legal! I've mixed it with Fandango. What a cute line. It's not my usual style of fabric, but I have the perfect person in mind for this quilt. Shhhh, it's a surprise.
That's all for today, leave a comment to let me know you stopped by,


Karen said...

The ants have such a whimsical look. Cute.

liz said...

Maybe your friend could just travel around from quilter to quilter and encourage us to tidy up. Love all the quilts and blocks you showed today.

Brandie said...

Can you hire out your pal Lisa? I think she could make a living helping to clean sewing rooms!
You lucky girl winning one of my Pals necklaces! Great pic. I haven't mastered taking a pic of myself yet.

Exuberant Color said...

Yes I think your friend could travel to a lot of our houses and help!
I love quilts made of trianges. I wonder if I could control myself and just use cream with some prints.

Anonymous said...

I took a class at a quilt show in Madison, WI in September that was all about organization. I really need to pull out my notes and get my sewing area in order...

Linda said...

I don't blame you for wanting to keep that quilt! I love the quilting!

Wendy said...

Doesn't it feel good to be so organized. Your new quilt is going to be fantastic.

Ann Champion said...

What a cute quilt..and the quilting is gorgeous!

I really like your necklace. That was a fun thing to win!

Lisa is a good friend to help you get organized. A tidy space makes it so much nicer to work in.

I looked for rings for my stencils for quite a while. I finally found them, but still haven't taken the time to sort them into catergories and get them hung up. Yours look so nice..and ready to use! :)

Ann Champion said...

Doh! I forgot to mention your quilt. I love the design and fabrics too. Getting something you absolutely need for a finish doesn't count against your "no buy" vow. ;)