Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two Years Later

I finally got my redwork Santa finished into something that can be used. The is an Alpahbet pattern but I've only done a few blocks. "M"ittens, "K"ris Kringle and "L"ights are mixed in this block.
I used the bonus blocks from my Pineapple Blossom to work around the border and did triple rows of hand quilting. Plaid on the bias finished it off.

This is my "tree" in all it's glory. Having a real tree would have entailed furniture rearranging, etc. This is perfect for me!

This is what greets me at the bottom of my stairs every morning. I keep telling everyone it's Christmas in my world.

My father gave me some vintage pieces of silverware that needed to be cleaned and replated. There is only one place on the west coast of Canada that does this work. There was a platter from my parents wedding back in '58 and the engraving on it is stunning, it would be a beautiful design for a wholecloth quilt. Here is one of the chaffing dishes that was plated. I tried to photograph the tray, but it's too shiny for my little digital camera!

I'm off to my Applique Society meeting this morning, then home to do the final preparations for my party tonight. I took yesterday off work, that's how I can go stitch and visit this morning. It's all about priorities.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the season this weekend.


Exuberant Color said...

I love all of your red and white. I may just use the poinsettia tree idea because I don't put one up any more. Love the hand embroidery and wish my thumb would cooperate so I could still do it.

Janet O. said...

Clever finish on the little redwork piece.
Great red/white log cabin star.
My 80-something folks just put up a little table top tree each year now. That way they don't have to move furniture (other than a lamp). They leave it decorated and just tuck it in the back of a closet during the year.
Gorgeous silver piece. That is a family treasure.

Mimi said...

I understand those priorities. Love the bowl.

Karen said...

Are the redwork alphabet patterns all Christmas type designs? I have never seen the patterns before. I like the idea.

Lori said...

Your house looks very festive!! I love the Santa redwork and the log cabin star is amazing!!
How lucky to have some family pieces- the chafing dish is lovely.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the Christmas tour of your home - it all looks so wonderful! I LOVE your red/white log cabin star! What a sight to see every morning - it would get my heart racing! Your little "tree" is cute! And that chafing dish IS a treasure! That is gorgeous.

I love the way you set your priorities!

Janet said...

I love the Santa redwork and the poinsettia is a great idea, it looks very festive. The log cabin is gorgeous!

Barb said...

what a great log cabin star! Love it! Your santa stichery is lovely!