Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quilting Withdrawals

I broke my longarm machine.  Complete operator error, so I"m waiting for a few new parts that will hopefully have me back up and quilting.  Thank goodness I only have one quilt that has a deadline and it's on my machine.
Life is busy at this time of year, so I'm only getting in bits of time for handwork. I had 3 more pieces to applique to finish the top of a pillow and tonight it was getting done.  This was my test block for this pattern that Janet so generously shared with me.  I wanted to incorporate some cheddar in the pattern. 

Hows that for adding in some cheddar?

I cut all the circles using the AccuCutter at Fabric Etc.  

I also got my JOY banner finished.  There was only a little mishap along the way.

Yes, my needle from the sewing machine completely pierced the head of the safety pin. That's why it's not a good idea to put painters tape over top of pins that are close right on the stitching path.
I like the solid green binding for this.

This is my motto for the season.


liz said...

I do like the little bit of cheddar. and the banner should be hung all year round.

Kathie said...

omg I love the cheddar background, just love it
I would say thats adding a lot of cheddar to the quilt!!!!
but PERFECT!!!!

love your joy banner, I love that word and well your border fabric is perfect for this little quilt.
great job

Barb said...

BIG LOVE for your block!
nice banner too!

Lori said...

What a great applique block! Love the cheddar background!
Your JOY banner is lovely and such a good seasonal thought.

taylorsoutback said...

Wonderful applique block, Sharon...and a great cheddar background - it is "Joyfull" like your banner!

Don't you hate the sound of that sewing machine needle hitting a pin? Makes a person sit up real quick and hope nothing was damaged.

Janet O. said...

Absolutely stunning block!
The joy banner looks great all quilted and bound. A good reminder--choose joy!!
So sorry about your machine. That must be tough.

Brandie said...

Love the cheddar! Love it!
So sorry to hear your machine isn't working.
I think we only see over a pin once in our life, so you're safe now!
Take care

Jan said...

Cheddar was an excellent choice, but the other solids are spot on,too, I think!

Janet said...

Wow your block looks fantastic with a cheddar background, I love it big time! What a great banner, I hope theirs lots of joy in your Christmas.