Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Long Time Coming

This quilt has been in the making for a very long time. A bit of history on this piece. I signed up for a class about six months after I learned to quilt. I realized I didn't want to waste time cutting during the class, so I got busy and cut all my strips in advance.

Then they cancelled the class.  I was a new quilter.  So I put everything into a bag.  They did tell me the class was based on a pattern in Quilts, Quilts, Quilts.  Oh, and it was out of print.

Fast forward to the rise of Amazon and Ebay.  I ordered the book and now had the recipe for this top. I carefully put all my strip sets together, carefully cut my diamond strip sets and through trial and error, learned how to offset the seams for this pattern.

The top came together and then it sat...................and sat.............and sat.

I knew I wanted to do some nice quilting in the corner squares.  I would have loved to have appliqued, but heavens, I'd moved 3 times and 9 or 10 years had passed since I cut all my strips.

Recently I saw a "new to me" tool from Lisa Calle for doing 1" grid work and I knew that was going to be my border treatment.  Did I mention I LOVE this ruler?   Yup, it rocks.  And I got my quilt quilted. It was on and off my machine a couple of times so I could keep up my customer quilts.    I was grateful to have the quilting finished when I got laid up with my knee.  It took me 3+ weeks to put the binding on it and now it needs a label and a sleeve and it will be ready to gift.

This will go into a couple of local shows before I deliver it.  I'm confident the reciever of this quilt does not read my blog, but I know she knows about quilts and believe me, this lady is very deserving of this quilt.  She has been my guiding light, the shining star keeping me on task while I took a journey through the pink doors of breast cancer.  I'm 3 years cancer free on May 14th.

Do something nice for the shining star in your life this week, it sure feels good!
ps Lesson learned with this quilt.  Value is SO important, if I was doing this exact top again today, I would swap the print single ring with the 2 rows of pink and have one row of pink where the print is.


Karen said...

When I first started taking classes, the shop I took them at had a policy of not cancelling a class because of low sign-up. If one student paid, the teacher was obligated to teach. Good for the student but bad for the teacher's wallet. I admire that you kept the project and finished it so many years later. The quilting complements the design of the quilt very well.

Barb said...

beautiful! the quilting in the corners is wonderful and I love the pattern with the diagonal lines!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Such a beautiful finish! Congratulations on persevering on this lovely quilt! Wonderful news about your 3 years of being Cancer free. Awesome news indeed.

Louise said...

To finishis divine even after all the years..good for you, Sharon..home soon..

Lori said...

Wow! Your quilting puts this quilt over the top Sharon!!
Woo-Hoo on cancer free for 3 years!!!

Mimi said...

Congrats on being BC free, the quilt is beautiful and your quilting is very impressive. How lucky this gal is that you think so much of her to give her this quilt It is gorgeous and she will love it.