Friday, May 4, 2012

I Wanted a Date

I know, you have to put yourself out in social situations to get a date, not sit at home with your leg up on a pillow and a glass of wine by your side.  But I really wanted a date,...........on my Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt.  I've pondered putting a vase on the bottom border and the date inside that, but when I looked at my blocks,this one seemed so big and dark.  It was the perfect place for a date and this is going to be my center block
I finally made it up the stairs at work today and got my blocks all arranged on the design wall. (Yes, we have an amazing big room with a huge design wall, thanks to Debs) This needed to be reverse appliqued so I did that tonight. Two borders have the vines and cherries stitched down. You were right, Lori, the borders do go fast. Now if only I had prepped the leaves like I did the cherries.

At least I'm getting around, I've spent every bit of home time with my leg up, trying to be a good patient. I think I'm done with that, I have too much to do and I'm way behind on my customer quilts. Losing 2+ weeks when I work full time is a lot, so I shall have my head down and be busy this weekend.

Thank goodness my lawn will get mowed while I'm at my JT2 meeting tomorrow! Nothing like gardening by check!

I hope everyone has some sunshine this weekend, we are hoping for a sunny Sunday in my corner of the world.


Janet O. said...

I like what you have done with this block. Excellent choice!

Sharon said...

Beautiful! Yes, I think this quilt deserves to have a date on it, and this vase looks like it was made for it. Love that it will be in the center.

Glad to hear that your leg is finally feeling better. Yay! I have a hard time being a good patient for that long too. ;)

Oh yeah, gardening by check is the way to go!

Here's hoping the sunshine actually appears and is warmer than we've been lately. And I hope you get to enjoy it!

Kathie said...

oh I just love this block that vase fabric is wonderful, who's is it??? I love that you put the date in the quilt like this , a great idea!
and those cheddar flowers just made me smile!
gardening by check is the way to go
hope your taking care of yourself

Karen said...

Perfect place for a date. It will help date the quilt for a future generation.

Lori said...

What a great idea!!

Mimi said...

What a great idea for your vase. I'll bet there are some of us who had thought of that earlier. Can't wait to see your quilt all together.

Barb said...

I love dated quilts! this looks great, the urn was the perfect spot -

Janet said...

I think we should do more dating on quilts, it looks great, I love it.