Friday, April 27, 2012

Slow Going

It's been a while since I've posted. No, I didn't revamp my blog. I can't seem to save a copy, and I don't have the patience to redo things at this time. I've been working on two projects that are both slow going. Hand quilting wreaths and outlining all the applique on this one.
All the threads are just my basting stitches, I cut them as I go along.
Stitching down yards of 1/4" bias for the borders of my Beyond the Cherry Tree.
I started stitching the cherries, thinking I had prepped all that I needed.

Not so much. I realized I'm about 60 short so out came the scraps of reds and the paper templates.

These go fast when one is sitting doing this. 

This has been my spot every evening since the weekend. I twisted my knee Friday night, and per Dr.'s orders, I'm resting and icing it. She says 7 - 10 days and I'm really trying hard to be a good patient. I'm itching to get back to machine quilting and yoga. I'm hoping for Monday.

My big project at work has peeked, that happened Tuesday afternoon.  What a relief to submit all my files and reports.  Now to wait and see what is accepted and what needs adjustments.  The biggest part is over though.  What a learning curve for me!

I'm teaching Hand Quilting this Saturday at Fabric Etc in Bellingham. There's room for one or two more, any takers?

Have a great weekend



Barb said...

Oh your poor knee! Hope it feels better soon
Your cherries are lovely!!
Hooray for spreading the joy of hand quilting.

Lori said...

Your quilting looks great! I am removing my basting as I'm quilting as well.
Love the variety of cherries!! You'll have your borders done in no time. I hope you are back on your feet again soon Sharon!!

Exuberant Color said...

Take care of that knee. I have problems like that with my hip, not fun.

taylorsoutback said...

Following two knee replacements those ice packs look sooooo familiar. I can still hear the phrase "ice is your friend". Take care of that knee!

Ran into the same thing with making more cherries - two of the borders took a lot more than I had planned for. Your border vines look great & it won't be long now.

Janet O. said...

Lots of beautiful handwork going on here, Sharon. It looks like it is a good thing you have that to keep you busy while you maintain the "icing" pose. : )

Kathie said...

oh no! I hope the knee gets better,
great way to pass the icing time though, hand quilting!!!! hope the hand quilting class went well and you converted a few more people
nothing like hand quilting but certainly machine quilting has its place, I have a lot of quilts long armed
I can't hand quilt them all!
plus now I am dealing with do I hand appliqué or do I hand quilt!
Kathie who just needs more time!

Deere Driver said...

Oh Boy! Do I know that pose!

I call it Peas on Knees time as I use a two pound bag of frozen peas to do the job. Works really well.

I hope you recover quickly.