Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lost and Found

I have this software, but I honestly have not given it the opportunity to work for me. Basicly that means I haven't taken the time to read the book and play with the program. Out of the blue last week, I decided to open up a pattern that has been done in EQ6 and I got error messages. Then I tried to open the program.
  No such luck, same error message.  No problem, I'll reload the soon as I find the cd.
After several searches of spots in my house that may have contained the cd, I came up empty handed.  While at Fabric Etc on Sat, I asked if I bought the upgrade, did they think that would work. Nope, they didn't.  Then Alicia came to the rescue.  She told me the cd would be with the book.  Oh right, there was a manual with this program.  And sure enough, I went home, looked on my bookshelf, and there was the book with the cd in the back pocket. I'm glad I asked the experts!
I'm looking for my yellow handled small scissors now, does anyone know where they are?


Karen said...

The scissors are probably down in the side of the chair where you sat last time they were used.
I thought I got myself into trouble with EQ and the serial number at one time. I think it is when we got a new computer. I went to load the latest upgrade version on the new computer but thought I needed the previous version first. I thought I no longer had the old software. I don't remember how I solved the problem but now I hold onto the old software as well as the new upgrade. I have had EQ since it first came onto the market and you didn't used to need serial numbers.

Janet O. said...

EQ is "Windows Only" software, so I will never own it, but one of my quilting mentors owns and loves it.
The scissors didn't come with a manual did they? Just thought--if it had a pocket... : )

Lori said...

LOL! Glad you found the disc...sorry about the scissors!

Nancy said...

You remind me of myself. I have had EQ for sometime but never have taken the time to learn about it.
As for the scissors maybe they are on the shelf where you found the EQ book. I do that sometime pick up one thing put down another.

Louise said...

As Karen suggested look for scissors in your sewing chair, that is where I found my letter opener the other day which I have had over 30 years! Your cd incident was a perfectly acceptable "duh" moment...I have them daily. You crack me up, too funny.

Mimi said...

I hear you girl. I, too, have EQ6 and I have barely tried using it. Wish I had the time to get it all together and see what it can do for me. Let me know how it goes.