Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogging Along

As a quilter and a blogger, I sometimes find myself talking about "my friends".  It's strange, I have only met a few of my fellow blogger/quilters, yet I talk about your adventures like I know you.  Does anyone else do that?

Anyways, my "friend" over at Library Gal Quilts just did a great post.  She's having a giveaway to celebrate her 250th post. Quilty items and a book.  Who wouldn't love a new book?

This post had me think a bit about my blog,  How many posts have I made? When did I start my blog? Who really stops by and what are they looking at?  Blogging is like taking photographs, it is a statement of your life and the people and events that shape your world. 

 If you go to the Stats tab on the Dashboard, you can see all kinds of fun things about your blog.My most popular post was this one.  Who knew, I blog about quilting and everyone wants to know my Shortbread cookie recipe.  Honestly, if you haven't gone to this post and written down this recipe, you should, it's the easiest cookie that generates the most compliments!

People from all over the world have checked in and taken a peek at my view of the world from the Pacific NW.I'm grateful for all my blogging buddies, you have entertained me, taught me a ton of things, expanded my world, encouraged me in ways you may never know, and for all this, I am very thankful.

I'll leave you with a picture of my kitty cat, Miss Molly.
Have a great Thursday!


Janet O. said...

Thanks, Sharon, for the link to the cookie recipe. That post was before I was blogging and I love shortbread cookies, so I appreciate having that.
It is interesting how often I find myself referring to my "blogging friends". : )

Library Gal Quilts said...

Thank you Sharon! My favorite cookie is shortbread and I have been known to bring them to sewing events instead of chocolate. Weird I know! I enjoy your blog and your progress over the years...stats are just amazing aren't they? I love that we connect with people far far away as if they were right here. I also refer to my blogging friends and people always slightly nod as if they wonder what I am talking about. hahaha!

Sharon said...

Oh yeah, I talk about my "friends", but I leave off the "blog" part. LOL Most of the ladies around here have no idea what a blog is, and they sure have no idea of what a big world it is on the internet. Who knew I would meet so many people from so far away? And I feel like I really know all the people whose blogs I visit on a regular basis.
I love checking my stats. It's really interesting to see how many people visit, and especially which post is the favorite. Mine is one about chicken quilts from a quilt show in Monroe!
Miss Molly is a beauty! You got a good photo of her. Black cats are so difficult to photograph, especially in our low light conditions.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

I consider you a friend! :-)) but I've met you once!! :-)