Sunday, September 2, 2012

Could've or Should've

I should have done yardwork/housework or I could have spent time in my sewing room. Using the "could've" takes all the guilt out of doing what you really want to do, not what you're expected to do. So....I could have been doing housework/yardwork, instead, I spent time in my sewing room.

Whenever I go to a quilt show I always like to wander through the vendor area. I'll admit it, I try to not buy more projects right now, I've got plenty in boxes and drawers and bags.  Well, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. But vendors go to a lot of work to come to a show and set up their wares, and you can see things that might not be at your own LQS.  I couldn't resist this kit.
After pulling out the fabric from the kit, I shopped my orange and black resource drawer.
Then I shopped at Fabric Etc, my LQS.  Love the spider web print, it was perfect for the toes.
Then I tweaked the pattern and instead of making a table runner, I did a single boot and made a door banner.
I also made quite a mess......
because I ended up making this.  I couldn't stop at just one.  I've done these using fusible and will machine applique all the pieces.  On small pieces like these, the applique also serves as the quilting.  It was a generous kit, I really did not add much fabric.
I could have been working on this.  Border #4.
What could you have been doing instead of sewing this weekend?

Hope everyone is getting to work on what they want to this long weekend!


Janet O. said...

I love your door banner(s)! Great fabric substitutions, and what fun to have made three! LOL
I could have been planting the iris rhizomes I collected last week from a funny little 86-year-old man in a nearby community. He has an amazing garden--huge, and he does it all himself.
I will plant them tomorrow, before heading out for a quilt shop. : )

JustPam said...

I love your banner-it's nice to have a stash that holds the right colors when you need them!
I should have been doing yard work, but that just doesn't call to me so much anymore.

Mimi said...

Well, I did plan on getting into the sewing room a whole lot more than I have so far, but I have been visting my mom who is in the hospital and taking care of my dad and after sitting in those darn uncomfortable chairs for hours on end in the ER and in her room, my back is now out, but I did get a binding on a quilt and have made a sleeve for it, too. If the IB sets in just maybe I will get that sleeve on and maybe a little more sewing will take place. Sharon...absolutely love your Halloween wall hangings. They are adorable.

Louise said...

You are so close tobeing finished Sharon..good job!
Regarding vendors , I call it stimulating the economy..
Have a great week!

Nifty Quilts said...

What fun Halloween banners you've made. Great use of the weekend time. There's always something else to do, but if we wait to "have the time" to sew, it would never happen.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Looks like you had FUN! YAY! They really are cute boots! hehe!

Brandie said...

Love that boot! Totally is love with them!

Lori said...

So cute! There's enough chill in the air at night to remind us fall is close. What a fun project!!

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Oh should have, could have!! Looks like you made the right decision to me!!! Your little door banner is just tooooo darn cute!! Great colors too!!!

Barb said...

I love the witchy boot!
so fun!