Friday, September 21, 2012

When Friends Call....

....we rise to the occasion. Here is my help for a friend who is helping a friend who is helping a friend. It's what we do.
I hope the colors work, it's so hard with seeing them on the computer screen.
We've all been there, tough times, for each person it's something different. I remember reading about our problems, how if a room full of people got to put their problems in a pile and exchange them, we would take our own problems back.
Speaking of friends, I have to share my four legged kids, I went to bed the other night and shortly afterwards, got up to check on something and this is what I discovered.

How could one disturb this scene?

I hope you all get to visit with a friend this weekend, they are our strength in life.


1 comment:

Kathie said...

of course you can't disturb them!!!
how cute. so nice of you to make a block , yes the quilt will bring comfort and isn't that a great feeling to contribute to that?