Saturday, September 8, 2012

Regrouping JT2

I came off night shift this morning at 6 a.m., got a few hours of zzzz's and made my way to our JT2 meeting at Fabric Etc. this morning.  It was a time for me to regroup and get back on track with this project so I did not want to miss this meeting.  Thanks ladies, I'm feeling so much better about my Red & Cream JT2. 

Here is Tracey's feathered star.  She got inspired from my FS block with cheddar and added a little to her eggplant and cream quilt.  Her work is second to none, you can see the pride of her work in every stitch.  This is going to be an amazing 2 color quilt.
Oh, and as for organized? She is packing her whole quilt in a binder.  Block by block along with the pattern in plastic sleeves, I don't even dream about being that organized, I am thrilled my blocks and patterns are in the same box!

Here is Tonya's beauty.* *updated bad link, sorry**  She's using scrappy shirtings for the background and it's looking fabulous. She has a lot more blocks made, but these are the few she put on the wall this morning. I'm sure you will all be seeing more of Tonya, she's passionate about quilting and her stitching is excellent.

Here are my blocks. I'm missing pieces for both the first and second section. I just didn't know what those blocks were.

Love how this is coming along, I made a list of the pieces I need to complete the first section.

The second section is also lacking a few blocks. All ok, as now I know what to work on. I'm going to add/delete blocks, and I'm not putting the sections together until I see the whole quilt. I have an extra feathered star 15" block, two pineapple blocks, and I know there are a few others that I'm not going to make.

I got busy this afternoon, my group gave me the mojo to get on it and have gotten all my FG caught up, finished one row of checkerboard, and got all my sections pieced for my Lone Star block.  I pinned where the seams intersect, and basted that short section.  Once I checked them, I put in the final stitches.  I had to redo a few, but it was worth it.  Two color quilts are not very forgiving, so piecing this block has taken some time.  Slow and steady wins the race.

**good grief, and I called her Cathy at our meeting**  Karen  Carol is working on her pink and brown combo, but didn't have her blocks up on the wall.  I guess I kept her too busy helping me regroup, thank you Karen   Carol

I have to show this panel, I purchased it a few weeks ago, and today I showed it to Carol.  She blamed it on me as she headed to the cash register with a panel in her hand.  Lead me not into temptation, I can get there myself?  hehehe.  Hey, I just showed her, the rest was her decision.
But it's beautiful.  Very painterly (is that even a word?) and I think a little bit of big stitch w/perl cotton will turn this into a fabulous door banner.  It can go up Sept 1, take it down for a few weeks at Hallow'een, back up Nov 1 and keep it there until Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, it's a keeper.

I hope you take some a quick trip over the Tonya and Tracey's blogs, Tracey is just getting back into posting, but they both has pics of the recent quilt show in Bellingham, WA.

What do you need to regroup?



Mimi said...

It took my daughter coming over today to use my serger to make super hero capes for her son's birthday party to get me motivated. Since she left this afternoon, I have a whole quilt cut out for an upcoming retreat I am going to next week. Sharon, I love all the blocks. They are really coming along nicely.

Janet O. said...

JT2 is a very ambitious quilt. It is a beauty. As I watch those of you who are making it I think it is a good thing I resisted this one. I think I am not patient enough to stay with it. Not a quality of which I am proud. : )

Exuberant Color said...

I agree the 2 color quilts take a lot more precision because every little mismatch really shows.

I enjoyed Tracey's blog but the link to Tonya's doesn't work.

Tonya Alexander said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for the really sweet comments. I take it as a real compliment coming from you!

Sorry, the link for my blog is

julieQ said...

You do such beautiful your jt2! I bet it was fun to see in a group and work on this one!

Lori said...

Good for you for keeping up and keeping the other ladies motivated as well!! All the blocks are wonderful!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

oh my I want to go make those feather stars... GORGEOUS!! the blocks are looking amazing!

Linda O said...

I applaud you and your group for making these amazing blocks. So fun to see the different colors. I LOVE the pop of cheddar in the feathered stars!