Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Applique Prep

I think I've said to before, but The Applique Society group that I belong to in Bellingham is my all time favorite group that I've belonged to.  The members are so engaged in the craft of applique, they read up on techniques, share books around the table, take workshops, organize retreats and are so SHARING!  I learn something new every single time we get together.  Even though it was my last weekend at home to get all my Christmas visiting and shopping finished, I still took the time to go to our Sat meeting.

Here is Joy of Life that I've been prepping.  It's a 9 block piece and each block background has patchwork, almost like making the quilt two times!
I've got all the bias vines glue basted down and am ready to stitch.
Since it's only got a few colors in the applique, the traveling kit will be nice and small.
I've put no expections on how much I will get done over Christmas, but I am taking 8 blocks.  One has already been stitched and do I ever have my work cut out to have my applique look at good as the first block made by Merrie.  I passed it around the table Sat a.m. and bragged about how beautiful her stitching was.  Everyone agreed!

Do you have a project that you will keep handy over the holidays?



Lori said...

That is going to be a wonderful quilt!! I look forward to watching your progress!!

Louise said...

Your prep work looks really nice Sharon. I have to get some handwork to bring along with me to CA. as well.

Mimi said...

Just this very moment I finished purging and cleaning out my sewing room. It is too clean now to even think of going in there to sew, so I think I will do what I have been putting off doing...writing out my Christmas cards and wrapping the gifts. The purge was much worse than I expected and at times overwhelming, but much needed and I do have to say that I am very proud of myself. After Christmas, I am going to sit down and make a list of ALL my UFOs and then start plugging away on them. We'll see how that goes. Merry Christmas!

taylorsoutback said...

What a wonderful applique project - always have liked a pieced background with touches of applique - it just adds so much dimension to the whole thing.

We will be totally taken up with our son and our future daughter-in-law because they are arriving from Alaska on Thursday. They will also be out and about with other family & friends & if I can catch my breath - out comes BTCT for some handquilting - in between sips of egg nog :o)