Sunday, December 16, 2012

This and That

It's a busy time of year for everyone, but it's a good kind of busy.  I've got a few things finished.
Tonight I took the final stitches on the binding. Regardless of a charity quilt, kids quilt or one I make as a gift, I just have to finish the binding by hand. It's the last time to hold the quilt and stitch good wishes into it.
 I wanted to get this and two other quilts in the mail tomorrow, as I hope they can reach NJ before Christmas, so I took the short cut on labels.
  Today I delivered this quilt to M, she is gifting it out to her sister.  Lucky girl! We also took some time to visit over a late lunch.  I wanted to be on the road and heading home before dark.  That was a good call, as it started to snow here at dinner time.
 M makes big quilts, but she also knows how to work with the tiny pieces.  Look at what I got for Christmas!  A Dammitt Doll, you know, the little doll who lets you grab her by the legs and smack her on your desk and get your frustrations out!  But she is a little naked and needed a blankie.

 Look at what my wonderful gal pal made for me.  Yes, that's a dime at the bottom to show how tiny these 1/2 sq's really are. This is so precious!
It was a busy weekend, I had my Applique group meeting on Saturday morning at my LQS, a hair appointment, a visit with a friend and then was off to a party.  Today I did some running around in the a.m. then did visiting all afternoon.

I hope your weekend was as fun and friendship filled as mine was. 


Janet O. said...

Beautiful quilt you are donating.
Sounds like you are busy, but much of it sounds like fun!

Nancy said...

What a cute idea. I need to make one of these dolls.
Hope your Christmas is blessed.