Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Wish For You

It's the time of year when we reflect back on the year and we look all around us and make decisions about how to do things better  in our lives and with what is on the news every minute right now, it seems even more important to really think about how we live our lives.  We got a card at work, the front said Seasons Greetings, OK, that annoys me a little but I look inside.  It has one line of text.  "Be Excellent to One Another" .  My boss got a banner printed up to hang along his fence.  He wanted to be politically correct, as everyone seems to be these days, so his sign, which is 3 ft x 18 ft reads "Happy Birthday Jesus"  No one can complain about that message.

I wish for my fellow quilters, bloggers and friends.........full bobbins all the time, sharp needles and rotary blades, a stash that has abundance, a LQS that is as fabulous as Fabric Etc, may you see the joy in someones eyes when you gift them a quilt, and as someone else has said, "may all your ups and downs be with needle and thread."

They say that whatever you do on New Years Day you will do for the rest of the year.  I plan on doing some hand quilting that day, I can't imagine life without a needle and thread handy. There will be lists, as this is the time of year we feel an extra push to get organized and I could certainly use some of that. The lists will be all my projects under different headings, then I can cross them off as I work through them, move them along and get them to the "needs to be quilted" list.  If I can do that with 3 tops in 2013, and take 3 of my "need to be quilted" tops off the current list, I'll be very satisfied with my achievement.

I'll be spending a week with my 78 yr young father in AZ, I couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate Christmas. Wishing each and every one of you a blessed Christmas full of family, good cheer and laughter. I look forward to another year of motivation, inspiration, and sharing with my blogging buddies.

I've shared a few blocks from my favorite Christmas quilt.  It's the first one I made for myself and I hang it up every year. 
Jingle Bells,


Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

That's a beautiful quilt! The fabrics work so well together! It will be one you always enjoy it I suppose! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful quilt and inspiring thoughts. Thank you! I look forward to seeing more of what you create in the new year!

Lori said...

Enjoy your trip and time with your pops!
Merry Christmas!!

taylorsoutback said...

Wonderful post, Sharon - filled with good words & thoughts - not only for us who share your love of quilting but for everyone - sure do like "be excellent to one another"!

Louise said...

Hugs for your boss Sharon and to you as well.

Jennifer Anderson said...

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