Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Stitch a Day.....

That's what it takes to turn a project into a flimsy! 9 blocks are complete, and I loved working on this project. I think the pieced background really adds interest. Here is the center block of this top.
I love this block, the flower was fun to quilt and I am pleased with all the designs used in this project.
My other favorite block, are you seeing a pattern here??
Love the paisley in the center of this flower, I used a little of these for some leaves as well.
The birds, what can I say.  Such a simple design and yet, there they are, birds. But do you think they should be sitting up or hanging on the side?  *see below pics*
Which way is up? 
I kind of like this way, with the big flower blocks on the top and bottom in the middle. The pattern is shown like this, and I guess birds do hang in strange positions in the real world.
There is a 3 1/2 " cream border and a dark green print for the binding.  Borders are on, binding is made.  This finishes at 60 x 60 with the blocks being 18".

This BOM was gifted to me and I learned a lot about my processes, from this and from my JT2.  I started the stitching on my trip to AZ at Christmas and made great headway. Then it was back to reality, a pesky 8 - 4:30 day job, customer quilts and life. What worked was to keep focused. I packed the blocks with me to work, where I might only get one leaf stitched on my lunch. But it was one piece closer to finished. Having all the blocks prepped also made a huge difference, there wasn't any bouncing back and forth, it was always ready to go.

Now this goes in the line up for machine quilting, I will start prepping my next applique project and I'm going to start on my Sacawigia Sampler. There are 4 or 5 blocks of applique in this project so it will satisfy both the hand and machine work for awhile.

......and I continue to rock the needle on my BTCT

Take a few stitches this week, it's better than Prozac!


Sue said...

This is just a most beautiful quilt!!! I love appliqué and you do such lovely work! Beautiful!

Karen said...

I am in love with this design! Big applause! Beautiful colors. I think I should make this quilt too.

Lori said...

I love that quilt! Everything block is my favorite!!

Janet O. said...

The subtle pieced background does add a wonderful dimension to this quilt. It is beautiful. You have done a great job--with stitching it up and with staying focused! : )

Nancy said...

Lovely quilt Sharon, I can't wait to see how you quilt it.

Brandie said...

Wow, I love that! Even with the pink I love it!
That's my problem, I'm not making even one stitch. I will try, one stitch a day.

Patti said...

This quilt just makes me smile. It sings a song of "happy!" Your applique is beautiful. I hope you have a great place to hang this quilt - or a bed to put it on. Lucky you - getting this as a gift.

You are so right - a regular job cuts into quilting time. Retirement is the best!

Aunt 'Reen said...

This quilt top is GORGEOUS! I love everything...the colors, fabrics, design and of course - the amazing applique' work!
Congratulations on an awesome finish!

Barb said...

Your top in wonderful and I love the cheery colors and flowers! How fun
Yes, better mental health through quilting, lol

Janet said...

That's a gorgeous quilt, the applique is fantastic and I love the colours too. I had a mental health day today on the machine, it works.

Candace said...

I'm just drooling over this, Sharon! Beautiful stitching and I just love the colors. Darling dragonfly block! I can't wait to see your machine quilting on this one!

Mcm said...

Beautiful Sharon and the new blog page is fantastic!