Friday, March 8, 2013

Do Over

The story of this quilt goes back quite a few years. The pattern is Vintage Moments by Marsha McClosky (sp?) and I'm not sure if the fabrics were from a kit or her own choosing. Regardless, it's gorgeous.
The piecing was done and the top was sent off to a longarm quilter. The quilt returned with an all over meander panto. If you click on the photos, you might be able to see all the stitching lines.
The quilt was entered in a local show, one that has some pretty good competition, and it was chosen as viewers choice.
The owner of the quilt realized how this top would shine with custom quilting. She spent a long time reverse quilting this top, it's 88 x 88 so there was a lot of time invested in this project.

I've spent a few hours on it so far, it's going to have a lot of S.I.D., feathers, and cross hatching. Here's what I have so far.



Lori said...

I am sure your quilting will be far better then an allover panto, but really? I would NEVER do that. I'd happily remake it before I'd take the quilting out of a whole quilt! She will love it, that's for sure!!

Nancy said...

This quilt just begs to have your lovely feathers. An all over meander Really! I know she will be so pleased she took the time to take it out.

Janet O. said...

Yes, I enlarged photos and I can see some of the previous stitching lines. Oh, this should have been custom quilted and she paid a heavy price when she recognized that. You are doing a beautiful job--no surprise there--and I look forward to seeing the whole thing!

Kathie said...

she is going to be so much happier with the quilt
I can see the love your putting into this quilt, a quilt she obviously loves very much too.

Barb said...

wow, what a labor of love. It will be beautiful with custom quilting.

taylorsoutback said...

What incredible patience you have! Your feathers will be wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing it when you have it done.