Monday, March 18, 2013

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Have you been over the Squash House lately?  Did you all see Candice renovated?  Well, I loved it and I'm doing the same thing. Well, I'm not doing it myself, kind of like people who "quilt by check", I'm revamping my blog by check. PayPal. Honestly, I tried to update my blog one time and panicked because I thought I lost everything.  So change is in the wind here at Grass Roots.

This weekend I started a few new projects, I know, but what the hey!  This one started with 4 squares 36 x 36 and lots of bias stems. I'm doing them Gwens way, so I've basted down the middle, and will machine stitch them to the backgrounds.
 I'm getting really close to showing you 9 blocks of Joy of Life, and yes, there are only 9 in this one!
 Although it was Applique day on Sat, Jan brought her Abundance blocks to show, yes, plural.
 She couldn't stop at just one, aren't they so cute.  This is the block from Humble Quilts.  Way to go Lori, enable complete strangers via blogland.  :-)
We did some sharing on bias stem methods, oh my, one quilter brought bias stems that seemed at thin as DMC thread.   Very impressive.  I also missed a photo op of C's fantastic Farmers Wife quilt, all finished and bound, it was amazing.  This is such a great group to belong to. 


liz said...

I like how you have "Applique Day". And your block is so nice. Like the bias strips too.

Barb said...

I love doing stems Gwens way too!
What a nice applique block, and Jans blocks are so pretty!

taylorsoutback said...

Keep us posted on how you go about blog changes. I have problems just trying to get a header photo in place! Mr. Outback showed me how to do collages so may try something down the road.

Looking forward to seeing all your bias stems do their magic.

If we can shovel out today There are 2 stitching days scheduled with friends - really need that. Everything keeps getting cancelled due to weather.

Lori said...

If you make blog blog changes, always make a backup! It's easy to do.
Abundance of Abundance! So sweet!!
What a pretty block.

taylorsoutback said...
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Louise said...

Nice to see the photo of Jan. i am really liking the Abundance block..have seen some pretty versions of it.
See you when I return home, Sharon!