Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Customer Quilts

Welcome to April.  No April Fools here, just a few customer quilts that I've finished up. I LOVE this piece. It's all made with left over bonus blocks from another block.
These 1/2 sq tri's are about 2" finished and they make a wonderful top on their own.  I did an all over paisley freehand motif on this piece,  with the light and dark, I always lean to the lighter side when it comes to thread color.  I wonder if 100 years from now someone will look at this piece and wonder about the sanity of the piecer when they see those tiny triangle corners.
They certainly add interest to this piece.  What an array of greens, I love every bit of this and quilted it over St. Paddy's day. 
Another long over due quilt was this wintery snowflake and snowball piece.  The applique was fused and I outlined all the motifs.
Then I did an all over meander with snow stars scattered throughout.  I used a silver thread for this piece and I love how it turned out.
The piecer, MF, used flannel on the back of this one and it's going to be so cozy for her next winter!
I'm so glad spring is in the air here in the NW.  We just need to rain to stop and a few days of sunshine.  My lawn is getting ankle deep, yet I would loose my lawnmower in the bog if I tried to mow right now. 



Louise said...

Nice job Sharon! I especially like the snowflakes in the meander!

Janet O. said...

I love that you quilted the green one over St. Patrick's Day.
But the snowy one fits out weather more. Woke up to a blanket of snow again today. I think it is a mean April Fool's joke. : )