Friday, June 6, 2014

Photo Session

I'm working on a digital archive of my quilts. This was part of my afternoon last Thursday.

Here is where I was at yesterday. Thank goodness for friends. MF came down with her camera, and her mojo, and we got all of my quilts photographed.

At the end of it all, we thought a fence shot might be nice. It's amazing to see how the sun really pops the quilting.
Lesson learned - Put a sleeve on every single quilt that you make. We Muriel pinned and unpinned a temporary sleeve again and again and again.  M, Thanks for the great day!



Janet O. said...

Love the fence shot!

Pamela Banis said...

I agree, that fence shot is awesome!

Louise said...

Oh my Sharon, fabulicious! Quilts look so beautiful out in the sunshine don't they? Great job you and Muriel did..

Mimi said...

Wow....what fun (lots of work, too), but I bet you really enjoyed yourself.

antique quilter said...

so fun to see all these quilts, outside shots are the best….
thanks for sharing, fun catching up