Sunday, June 15, 2014

Third Finish this Week

Wow, I really feel like I made some tangible progress this week, as this is the 3rd finish for me.  I have finally got the binding sewn and the label attached.  This sampler is made up of 9" blocks that have been hand pieced and/or appliqued.  I made this, hmmm, let me think, probably back in 2006. Oregon was my home at the time and I wanted to have a hand stitching project. 

I love this little block, I think it's called Honey Bee.  Just the right amount of applique to dress up the patchwork.

And who doesn't like star blocks, this one is sweet, but the Lemoyne star has to be my favorite star.  Do you have a favorite star block?

After I finished the quilting this past month, it was on to the binding right away.  I always make binding when I finish a top and I do that for several reasons. However, when I looked for this quilts binding, it was nowhere to be found.  Did I not make it? What will I bind it with? Do I have any of these fabrics left in my stash resource room?

The quilting goddess was looking out for me, I had ONE fabric left and just enough to get the binding strips. Whew!  And it was the perfect fabric to have available.

I managed to use up some crazy fabrics on the back of this piece.  I bought them thinking I was going to make a black and white quilt, then I look at these and wonder, are they black or are they white?  The backing is the perfect place for them.

A few details about this quilt.  Blocks are 9" and have been hand stitched.  I do machine stitch blocks together along with the strips in the sashing.  Patterns are traditional blocks and are from a book I got in my first quilting workshop. Sashing has a center strip that finishes at 1/4".  This detail really adds to the overall look of the quilt. 

Now that I have pictures and details of this piece it's all ready to get gifted.  My niece will be the caretaker of this one and that leaves me with one more nephew who needs a quilt.  It's in the works, but I don't see a finish on that one until 2015!

Enjoy the weekend,


Kathleen C said...

Hi Sharon,
I've always liked samplers; I love red; and I like your backing. AND I like your sashing! I have a question about the sashing. I'm planning on putting together 9 applique blocks (12")of the Chester County Criswell Quilt. They are mostly red with some navy on a muted light gold background.I can't decide what kind of sashing to do. You've given me a good idea: maybe alternate red-gold-red in the sashing as you did with the black-red-black. Did you applique the red on top of the black sashing? Or did you piece strips together? How wide is the black?
Thanks very much, if you have time to answer my questions in this long comment :).

Tammy said...

Love it! The pic of the quilt on the red chair looks like a magazine cover shoot!

Mimi said...

Getting anything completely done is a plus in my book. Good for you. As for star blocks...they are my favorite, too; but which star? I am not sure. I will have to think on that one. Congrats on a completion.

Mimi said...
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Louise said...

You are really staying on task Sharon. You just keep on pulling these UFOs out of your Mary Poppins carpet bag.
I need some of your enthusiasm and energy.. Good job!

Kamao Poot said...

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