Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Appliques from the Bed Turning

Here are the appliqued pieces I enjoyed on Sunday at the PNW Quilt and Textile Museum in LaConner, WA
Up first is a wool piece that has some kind of funky yarn flowers. It was noted that the flowers were made by wrapping over a tin template and then stitched down onto wool patchwork. (I think)
The values of the patchwork would make this striking if it had been hanging on a wall.

It has been tied with a yarn.  I have never seen a piece like this one.

Here we go. I could have rolled myself up in this piece.  If I could have taken one home, this would have been it.  What's to not love about it.  Big graphic appliques... Seriously, look at that center block.
Fabulous swags surround the center. **added**  I found a very similar quilt in the Kentucky Quilts 1700 - 1800 yesterday.  That one had a busier center, but VERY close to the same pattern and layout.

I loved this variation of a feathered wreath.  The quilter did a spiral and then a single line to fill in the open space. Double spined feather.
Such lovely quilting, the cross hatch was (i think) 1/2" grid work.

Although this is pieced in the center, the poison green swags with pink blooms just made me smile.

Look at the little 1/2 sq triangles marching across the bottom of this piece. 
This summer spread was pretty special.  No backing and no quilting, however, all the applique has been stuffed.
My pictures are dark, but this one was very vibrant.
Most applique was done using solid fabrics, but one block with strawberry motifs showed a printed red.
She was proud of her work and she signed it.  Yeah for her.

If you click on this picture, you can see a small repair patch on the bottom right.  She rounded the corners of her patch and made it as good as she could.
I especially loved the flower design in this block.

I hope you have been enjoying some of these quilts that are part of the permanent collection at our only textile museum here in the PNW.  Through October, the on going exhibit is other quilts from their permanent collection.  I only had a few minutes to take a very quick walk through, but I saw enough to know I need to go back for an afternoon.

I'll post one more segment, star quilts.  I hope the eclipse was all that you expected and that everyone stayed safe out there.

Keep stitching,


Kyle said...

I'm glad at least one quilter included her name and date. Wow! On the red and red applique. The work is breathtaking. Did the group feel it was done by one person. I especially like the spiraled feather, which seems more like what machine quilters do today.

Janet O. said...

Thank you--I enjoyed perusing these lovely vintage pieces.
And yes, the eclipse was incredible! :)

Louise said...

Thank you for sharing these quilt photos with us Sharon. I especially love the first large applique, also the tidy little patch.

Mimi said...

Oh....oh.....I am speechless. these are so beautiful. Makes me want to start another applique quilt. Thank you for sharing. I really think ideas are running rampant in my head now.

Lori said...

Your favorite is also my favorite! I love it. The swag border on the other one is so sweet!

Nifty Quilts said...

Thank you for posting these masterpieces!

Karen said...

I am drawn to the antique quilts with the large applique centers. I shy away from making those gigantic blocks because of having to bunch up so much fabric in my hand while working on it.