Sunday, August 13, 2017

Shadows of Quilting

Since we've been living under a cover of smoke for the past 2+ weeks, I thought I'd post some black and white shots of quilting.  Enjoy the texture.

Hand quilted feathers

Hand quilted outlined applique and cross hatching

Freehand machine quilted in a 4" square

Rectangle is approx 2" x 4 "

Big stitch using Perl cotton

Piece is approx 20" x 20"

And in full color, because we can see the sun today!  The winds have picked up, the atmospheric pressure has changed and all the forest fire smoke has left the shore! 

Keep all those firefighters and forestry workers in your thoughts and prayers, they are doing the best job they can under horrible circumstances.

and as always, keep stitching,


Kyle said...

It's beautiful to see the texture made by all those tiny stitches. We have haze along the front range north of Denver from those fires. Those firefighters are all heroes.

Mimi said...

Love all the texture.

Janet O. said...

A great idea for a post. I like seeing the texture of quilting, by hand and machine.
We are near the Idaho border and they have fires just north of us, so we have had smoky skies for several days. And today fire broke out just over the mountain from us. There was ash falling on us and our our deck as we sat there this evening enjoying the cooling air.

Hanna Vedder said...

gorgeous hand quilting. Hope the fires and smoke clear up soon.