Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mail Call

I dislike getting the mail. My guy collects my mail for me. When I was a kid, I had a pen pal. I couldn't wait to get the mail. Now, it's just bills, or junk. Most bills come via email. Flyers, credit card solicitations, paper that hits the recycle bin as soon as you walk in the door. But not this mail. I got a package. I didn't order anything, and no one had emailed me about sending a quilt top. And this was in my pile of mail. Hmmmm, we are going to Hawaii in November, so I thought maybe my guy surprised me with something........
and then when I opened it up, I had a card in the package.  Not just any card, but a QUILTY card.  And then I figured out who surprised me with an amazing package. It was Liz from #instaquilt on Instagram
First up was a melted cake of Cadbury Caramels.  What is really crazy is that if there is a box of mixed chocolates, I go for the caramels first.  And this isn't just any Cadbury, it's AUSSIE Cadbury.
Notice the chunk missing, yup, I bit right into this.  Then I chilled it, chopped it into squares and tucked it into the fridge, and proceeded to eat about 1/2 of it tonight.

Next up, Smarties.  Again, Aussie Smarties.  I love Smarties and they are not available in the US, but I had them in Canada.  And no, M & M's are not a substitute.  Sorry.

Finally, I got to the magazine from Down Under.  This must have been a special edition as it has two magazines and two cd's in the package.  I can't wait to sit and enjoy everything in this publication.  You can find out who sent me this package by checking out her IG #instaquilt 

And to keep this post a bit about my quilting, I'm moving along with my Tumbling Stars.

It's all about the background now.  I stitch a few onto the stars, then prep a few more. This mixes it up a bit and keeps me from getting bored with things.  It's been a fabulous TV/car project. 

As for the Caramel bar, I have eaten about 1/2 of it already.  I'm doing Weight Watchers, but Thursday nights I weigh in at the meeting and then have a guilt free evening.  Yeah, that included this bar tonight.  The Smarties will be rationed out, starting next Thursday.  Right along with the Fantales Liz sent me in March when I quilted a top for her.  Yes, Liz, I'm still nursing that bag of goodness.  I hid it on myself and couldn't find it for over a month.  That helped ration it!

Thank you so much for the lovely surprise.  I shall enjoy every morsel and every page of the magazines.  This was such a delight!

Keep stitching,


liz said...

It's always nice to give something that is so well appreciated!! We have similar taste in sweets/lollies/candy. Sad to think that Fantales have been discontinued. They were great on long car trips where someone would pull a sweet from the bag and ask you to guess which celebrity(usually a movie star, not a Kardashian)was described. The first correct answer got to eat the Fantale. simple pleasures.

Kyle said...

Sweet treats! It's great fun to get surprises.

Janet O. said...

The unexpected packages are the best. What a wonderful surprise. Very thoughtful of Liz.
When we travel to Canada the Smarties are always a sought after item (along with the Tiger Ice Cream).

Karen said...

Each time someone has sent me chocolates in the mail, they have arrived melted. Not even in a chunk like yours. That's what living in Florida does for you. What a nice surprise in the mail. I agree. Getting the mail isn't very interesting anymore....unless I have ordered fabric or a book.