Saturday, June 20, 2009

And now for some quilting updates

I have not given away my machine and I haven't lost all my needles! Here is what I've been up to lately. Since the 4th of July is coming up, I thought my front door could use some color. I saw this pattern on All People Quilt and knew this could be mine without having to take a trip to the local quilt store. Here is the first one, and since I cut extras to get the scrappiness I wanted, there is a second one.....Here is a close up of the block and this project only takes 3 blocks.Making sure I have my stripes all going in the same direction.Hanging my table runner on my front door. More people will enjoy it here!Since I had left overs, I thought I'd make a second one. The flag fabric that is in the center is from the second thing I ever made. It has now been completely used up! It only took 8 years!I'm still working away on my blue mock pineapple blocks, I think the quilt will require 100 blocks so I still have my work cut out. This is a class quilt, I've got all the blocks done one section at a time for my work board. The other good thing about working at this over time is that I keep adding new blues to my strip bins. This will keep the project fresh and give the quilt some fun splashes of different prints. I'll end this post with my other little quilting secret.I am part of the Great Hexagon Quilt Along 2 and I'm staying motivated. This is a second class I'm teaching in September.
Find time to quilt this weekend.

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belinda said...

Oh wow......wah....I want something red/white
and blue....this is perfectly cute!!
My hexi's are a slow progress for me....yours
inspire me!!