Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday Star Sewing

Although the finished project is small, this was a big job for me. I like every point to be a point, every V of a star to match up to the center of the block, and each star to be a reflection of the saying "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right" I am amazed at how cute and addictive these wonky, free form stars are. I've admired them on other sites, and Belinda at Brown Dirt Cottagehas a good tutorial. I did mine in a similar fashion and liked how they turned out. I found it amazing how "perfect" one of the green stars points ended up. If I had tried to achieve this while doing this "free form" technique, I would never have been able to get this results. I even tried to make them "more" wonky.Bonnie Hunter also has a tutorial called Maverick Stars that is even scrappier than mine. Plus she trims down her blocks. Which ever way you choose to make them, just beware...they are addictive! The block finished out at 4 1/2" and although there are only 5 stars in this little piece, I did a lot of other quilting related tasks on Saturday.
Three loads of fabric got prewashed. I was given a box of fabric and I finally got into it. There are 10 yd and 12 yard pieces in this box. Now it has all been washed, pressed and folded in my particular manner and is all put away again. I also worked on my scrappy blues and scrappy log cabin. I just keep at them. But I love the stars. This little project will be hand quilted and I know there will be more stars in my future. Hmmm, one printed fabric for the stars and then use the same fabric for the border.....sounds fun!
Sew many ideas, sew litte time.

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belinda said... 'dun' good honey!! Ooouuu the green one...I.LIKE.