Saturday, June 27, 2009

A few new things.

Since I haven't been sewing anything new, I thought I'd share a few new purchases that I have made. I love books, I have too many. People say you can never have too many books, but really. If I lived to be 193, I wouldn't make a project from each book that I own. My "excuse" is that the photos motivate me and I do read quilt books. You never know what little gem of advise will come out of the first 5 pages of books. Every quilter approaches their craft from a different angle, so I believe there is always room to learn something new. But seriously, do I really need another book? This is my bedside.
Since I am on a hexagon frenzy right now, I thought this was a very "needed" purchase. This is made by Superior Threads, it's called a Frosted Donut and it's full of Masterpiece 100% cotton thread and if you have never tried it, well, you don't know what you are missing. Love the name and NO calories! It is wonderful for piecing, bobbin thread, hand applique and I've even used it on my longarm for dense background fills on a table runner. This is so handy as I will have every color I need for my hexi's right at my fingertips. No more wondering if I have the right spool of thread in my take along tupperware box.And as if I don't have enough fabric and projects rolling around in my mind and lurking in boxes and drawers, I had to purchase just a little bit more work for myself. But who can resist this wonderful collection of fabric by Robyn Pandolph? Certainly not me! I know that I'll be purchasing more on this in my quilt shop travels, it's just too yummy to leave on the store shelves!
At the beginning of this post I said I wasn't working on anything new, that's true. I'm still forging ahead on my blue scrappy pineapple blocks, (I need 100 of them) and I alternate with my scrappy log cabin blocks. (144 blocks for this silly project). And if that isn't enough, I've taken Bonnie Hunter's advise about scraps and I'm now keeping the corners from my trimmings instead of scraping them into the trash. So, a big pile of this........
....equals a small pile of these. Every completed block rewards me with 4 - 1/2 square triangles that trim down to 3 1/2 inches. Now that's going to equal 400 blocks when I finish my 100 big blocks. That's a whole quilt top that would have gone into the trash, piece by piece.....Now that's something to think about!
I'm sew happy the sun is shining again...

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belinda said...

I'm with you about the books.....ooouuu...and
that Robyn Pandolph fabric...I love her stuff!!