Sunday, October 25, 2009

Disorganized Organization

Things are quickly coming together here at my new place. I have no idea how people can live through a renovation, the move was as much as I could handle. About 90% of my boxes have been unpacked, due to the hard work of my boss Debbie. Without her help I would probably have just been moving into my house this weekend. Instead, I've settled in and have a workable sewing room. Here is the sewing room before Debbie showed up Saturday morning.

This room is going to hold my fabrics, sewing machine, cutting table and, hopefully, my bookcase with all my piecing books and magazines. I will also be using this as space for my rolls of batting. Although it is not completely set up, it is now a room that is disorganized organization.
My job was to put together the basket system I purchased and Debbie emptied boxes, bins and drawers of fabric. It kept coming and coming and wow, do I ever have a lot of fabric now that it is all in one place.

It was very interesting to take all my fabric and group it by color. So far I have only seen 5 or 6 pieces of fabric that could go into the purple category. I need a 12 step program for reds though. I have 2 baskets full of reds, so I need to shop from my own store before heading out to the quilt shops!
This was my thread before this weekend.And here is what my thread looks like tonight.

And here is a picture of my Annie girl. She has settled into the new home. She used to be allowed on a chest that was in front of the living room window. Now it's a leather couch in front of the window. Silly me, the dog has me trained as I now have a big blanket on the couch to keep her from scratching it when she jumps up to see out the window. She usually does this when I leave, she has such abandonment issues! But today this is what I saw when I came upstairs. How could I do a thing about this? She is so darn cute!
Although I did not use my DSM or my longarm, I have been doing some hand quilting on this little panel that can be seen on the back of my couch. I have missed quilting so much in this last few weeks, I look forward to finishing the organization and getting to work on piecing a few things and quilting a few other pieces.
Sew many things to do,


Julie in the Barn said...

Your new studio is looking great. Doesn't it feel good to get your supplies all organized? I just can't seem to keep it that way for very long. Enjoy your new space!

belinda said...

Woo Hoo.....looks like things are finally
coming together!!

Vicky said...

Wow, it looks great! You're my hero du jour!

Sharon said...
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belinda said...

OK...Test...Test....Testing...123....the rain stays mainly in the plain!!

Hope this shows up in your email!!

Anonymous said...

How neat and organized! I have to re-organize frequently 'cause I always mess things up.
I lack purple and pink and always buy new reds.You don't need to kick that red habit: red is a neutral!

Margeeth said...

Actually moving is quite high on the list of traumatic events in life (renovation ranks higher).
I like the way you stored your fabrics, but aren't you afraid of fading?