Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pictureless Post

So much for a Wordless Wednesday, how about a pictureless post?
I've moved!
OK that should sum up why no posting has been going on around here. I know I own a camera......and a toaster. I know everything has left my old place and has arrived at my new place. How could things go missing just by travelling around the block? Seriously!
If anyone knows where my toaster is, please leave a note in the comments section! ;-)
My new home is going to be amazing, as I have moved my longarm studio from a garage with no heat to a bright downstairs room with sliding glass doors with lots of natural light, new paint and new floors. Plus room to move around. My sewing room has gone from my kitchen table to a room off the longarm studio. It too, has a large window, great lighting and a door that closes this room off from the studio. Got a mess? Close the door! whoohoo.
I promise I will post pics once I find my camera. I really want before and after pics of my sewing room. Right now it is a mass of boxes, bolts of fabric and rolls of batting. Tomorrow night I am becoming an IKEA shopper and will be using this system to organize my fabrics. My goal is to have my sewing and studio area organized by the time I go to bed on Sunday evening. The proof will be in the next few posts.

Take a few stitches today!

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belinda said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!....LOL...yes...darn it....everyone expects a photo when you blog....LOL...what's up with that....I would post more often if I didn't have to have one of those darn photos!!