Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm All Keyed Up

Keys to the city? the key to my heart? about the keys to my new home! Although I closed on the purchase of my new home a few weeks ago, the owners just moved out this weekend. I got the keys at the end of the day today. Let the moving begin. A huge shout out to my gal pals who arrived here Saturday full of energy and a bottle of Bailey's. They worked their butts off for 2 hours and got most of my house packed for me.
A few renovations in the quilting studio while I move in the bedrooms and kitchen and I should have things all moved over by the 24th. It's only around the block so one car full at a time.
Stay tuned for moving updates


belinda said...

Well...I'm just as excited as I can be for you!!!.......Uh, just ONE bottle of Baileys??

Nicole said...

Congratulations Sharon! May you spend many happy hours in your new home.