Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NW WA Fair Part II

Hooked rug, very nice job.
Loved the design elements on the border of this quilt
This one is mine, it's off to one more show in Tacoma, Innovations, and then it gets donated to the hospice fund raiser where my mom passed.  A good cause!
Way too cute, love the Hallow'een!

Very nice Wall hanging
Best of Division, this was a beauty
This one is mine, yippie, a blue ribbon.  Mixed techniques, machine pieced/quilted, hand appliqued
My favorite hooked rug.
Lot champion, beautiful job!
My table runner, all machine pieced,appliqued, quilted
This quilt is being raffled off for the 3 day/60 mile walk for Breast Cancer.
Jo B did an amazing job on this piece, she did the barn in my post yesterday
Lots of applique.
This one has chenille as a background.  The white.


Karen said...

Hurray! I see a ribbon on your quilt. That design is one I have wanted to make. I have looked at the pattern and pulled fabric more than once. Just need time.

Rose Marie said...

Wonderful photos .... thanks so much for sharing them with us!

Congrats on that ribbon!

Ann Champion said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics!
Congratulations on your ribbons..all of your pieces got them? Well done! :)

Window On The Prairie said...

Wow! All of them are beautiful. So much time gone into all of them.

liz said...

Thanks for showing us a great show. What diversity!
Well done for your quilts, too. You must be feeling happy. I am intrigued by the hooked rug you showed us. How big is it? We don't really see them in Australia, well at least not at quilt shows. Tell me more.