Sunday, August 8, 2010

Too Many Projects......

It seems that I am always working on a project, and yet I haven't had a finish since I don't know when. Maybe I need to make a pot holder! Today I counted five, yes, five projects that are partially hand quilted. I need to pick one and make headway and have a finish. I'm going to pick the smallest one!
It's not that I'm not doing quilty things, I just finished this for my friend Nancy. (no blog) It's a Buggy Barn pattern. They are definitely on the more experienced level, as it's a challenge working with all these seams and using homespun fabrics. I love how this turned out and I think she might keep this one for herself.
A close up of the Bears Paw block. I love the wonky stars in the center of each paw.
What a variety of fabrics. Either you have to collect for a while, or purchase a kit. I'm not a kit kind of girl, but sometimes it's the best way for a controlled scrappy top.
This just looks like fall and a fireplace, oh so cozy.
I'm not a box baker, practically everything I bake is from scratch. However, I am having a party and thought I'd give these a try, brownies from a box. So easy, so good, I'm going to be a box brownie girl from now on.
Tonight I'm going to sit and do some hand quilting on my smallest project.


Terry said...

Wow! What a beautiful quilt! I love the look of homespun but I don't like working with it a whole lot! The brownies look good too! :0)

belinda said... I ever LOVE this quilt!! She has lighter homespuns so it's not so 'dark'!
Yes, I have been trying to collect some of these plaids but not easily found!
...and yes...LOL....I am with you....just yesterday I realized that in the 2-ish yrs. I have been quilting I have more unfinished quilts than I have completed ones. I have been trying to resolve that lately though.....All of your projects look great and I'm really impressed with your Amish quilt...I'm soooo lovin' the free hand quilting!!!!

julieQ said...

And that is just it...too many projects here too!! Your homespun plaids is just terrific!

Karen said...

Is the Buggy Barn star quilt one where you have a stack of fat quarters piled, cut, then start moving a piece from the top to the bottom, etc.?

ROZ said...

What a wonderfully cozy quilt--fun fabrics.