Saturday, July 31, 2010

Next Time...........

One of the biggest things that quilting adds to my life is the learning curve. Because a lot of quilters, myself included, work on several projects at one time and set some projects aside, we look at things through different eyes when they are resurrected from a drawer or box months, or even years later. I used to say "I should have done...." and now I say, "Next time, I'd do this." By changing that statement, it validates that what I have in my hands is still a great project worth continuing on, but that I've grown in my quilting abilities. And that's a really good feeling to me.
I know I've posted pics of this project before, but I now have one column of feathers finished. This is the first time I've free hand marked and hand quilted feathers.
Next time.....I'll consider a softer spine for the feather. I'll take more care that all the feather ends are right up against the seam allowance. The first few on the left are a bit short. As for the thread color, I was going away and needed something to take with me. Time was limited, this was basted, but I didn't have any black hand quilting thread. Then I thought, this is a Liberated Amish challenge, Amish used brown thread to quilt, I don't need black. Time ticked along and when I was packing and getting ready, I had a spool of rust YLI (my favorite hand quilting thread)ready to go with a package of needles already threaded. So rust became the color of choice. Funny how I justified that design decision.
Here is another project that has been brought back to life. It started with a charm pack that become the border, I've had the pot sewn on for months and now its' time to put some flowers in the pot. I'm keeping it simple to get it finished. This project has not been made for any one person, so finished will be good. I love the colors so it might end up on my office wall.
I have a few hand quilting projects on the go, but aside from my BOM that has once again been set aside, I don't have any hand applique. This should fill that need for the next few weeks.


Valentina said...

Sharon, I thank you for that precious insight: Next time I will...
So powerful.
And that handquilting is lovely. I didn't know about the amish quilting colour, so 'next time I will'!
Thank you, and good night!
Signing off on a glorious July,

Sharon said...

Yes, I like your statement: "Next time I will...". Much kinder and more positive. And that's a good thing. I need to remember that. I agree, there's definitely a learning curve. Even after all these years of quilting, I'm still learning.

I think your hand-quilting looks wonderful. Remember, this IS liberated! The rust thread looks good - it shows your beautiful quilting off!

Nicole said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who has boxes of unfinished projects sitting around. Eventually I do get back to most of them and finish them up. I never seem to work on just one thing at a time!

Mad about Craft said...

I think your statement is so much more positive. It is too easy to put ourselves down and we need to be more positive as we produce unique work with much love.

Tonya R said...

LOVE those freehand feathers and I think they are marvelous just the way they are. Great choice to go along with those stars!!!