Monday, July 5, 2010

I Thought I Was Finished

This is my first 4 block quilt and I love it. The blocks are 24" and it is going to be hand quilted and bound in green, or cheddar, or red. I'll decide that in 2016 when it's been quilted!
For the last few months, maybe even the past year, I've been enamored with books that show quilts from yesteryear. The books don't have to have any patterns, just lots of pictures for me to dream about making these wonderful quilts. The samplers with cheddar, red and green are the ones that really float my boat. Throw in a little navy blue and wow, the quilts are amazing. Here is my first attempt at recreating a little bit of history.
You can read about it here on Barbara Brackmans blog. There is more information about it here. Maybe Rose Kretsinger was the original designer and maker of this pattern, maybe not. I do know that it isn't an original design of recent times, however the pattern is available in Jan McCalls magazine. I recommend looking at the story behind this pattern as it's very interesting.
Now to put it in line for hand quilting; right behind a sampler, my LibAmish top, my Gathered Over Time 9 patch, (which has been started with Baptist Fans) and a few others that I want to hand quilt.
I've been thinking about the following; "Process" vs "Project" and wonder why I keep bouncing from one to another. WHY start another applique project when I still have one on the go. Why not just enjoy the process of the applique and leave it at that. Or the process of the hand quilting, or whatever it may be. I like to think I focus on the process, but clearly, with 3 projects all started with hand quilting, one more marked and another one on the pile, I don't stick to one piece and finish it. I guess it would be like watching the same tv show every night, or eating the same foods for lunch every day.
Hey, variety is definitely the spice of life!
And yes, I do see that one flower is missing the center circle. I counted and double counted and checked and triple checked that I made enough circles. When there were none left on the table, I was excited to be finished, too excited to check the floor!


belinda said...

Oh yes....I am with you on the older style quilts AND their colors. That is why I LOVE my Texas quilts-2 volumes. No patterns, just tons and tons of quilts and the stories behind them. Your 4-block here is just Fabulous....but come'll finish it before then....surely!!!
I think the reason I start other projects before I finish another one is maybe I'm wanting to do them ALL...I feel time will run out before I get a chance to try out the different blocks and quilts I want to try!!

Linda C said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for visiting my blog. l came over for a visit and have stayed quite a while going back through your older posts. Love what you did with the yard. l also love the quilt above, its just beautiful. And hope it gets moved up the hand quilting list. It deserves to be finished. Thanks for sharing.

julieQ said...

I love it toooooo!!! The secondary pattern in the middle is is all wonderful! What a gorgeous quilt.

Janet said...

Wow, my favourite of all time, red and green! I love this pattern too and have wanted to do one forever. It's still on the list.
Keep enjoying whatever you feel like doing, it's all about the enjoyment.

Karen said...

When you find the answer to why you bounce from one applique project to the next, let me know. Then maybe I will understand myself a little better!

Candace said...

Sharon this is stunning! Do I have to wait 6 years to see it quilted?? I like your rationale about bouncing from one project to another, too! I handle about 3 at a time and have to force myself to finish one before taking on another!

Ann Champion said...

Wow! I love your quilt top..the quilting will make it just spectacular! I think I may have drooled a little? Thanks for the links with more info. I have that magazine..but your version of the pattern sure outshines theirs. That's on my long list of "some day" quilts.
I move around on projects some too. It's supposed to be fun right? :)

Meredith said...

I do bounce from one to another. You are not alone. The top is great. I was excited to hear you would be hand quilting it. I agree with you on older quilts. There are so many large appliqué quilts that are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Oh these are glorious! I have a variation of this block in my unfinished pile...just adore red and green quilts. I love the way the little flowers form secondary rings in the design when the blocks are put together.
I look forward to seeing your progress...but all good things take time, 2016 is achievable!
Best, Kate

be*mused jan said...

Love this top, Sharon!! That is my problem right now...too many handwork projects. I always have several going at once because I often get to a point on them where more prep work needs to be done before I can proceed and if I have a few going, I usually have something I can pick up to work on at any given time.