Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sliding into August

So much for posting every few days, sorry readers! Life has been zipping by and I can't believe it is almost August. The air was cool this morning when I headed out to work. Just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been busy quilting. Here is the huge quilt that I finished this weekend. I have no life, well, I should say, "quilting is my life"
This back shot shows the quilting pattern quite nicely. The top was 108 x 130, I used circle templates, straight and wavy rulers, and freehand.
I love how this turned out. It took a long time to finish, but it is in the mail and should arrive at it's owners home today. Now she gets to bind and label it.
This is the latest swap I've participated in. I swapped out 48 Paducah 9 Patch blocks so my top is going to finish at 56 x 64. Perfect for a lap quilt. I only have one block repeated and since it was my block, I'm partial to the fabric choices so I kept it in. I was very happy with 45 of the swapped blocks.
In between Paula's big quilt and loading the next quilt, I managed to get this donation quilt quilted. It's a fund raiser for my friend Betsy, who is doing the 3 day/60 mile walk for Breast Cancer. It just needs the binding turned and hand sewn on the back.
And finally, a shot of my 4 legged kids. They love to play. Well, Annie loves to put Mollys head in her mouth, then Molly swipes at Annies nose, then they race around the house. Entertainment for the quilter.
Take a few stitches today.


julieQ said...

Hope our swap goes well!!!

Sharon said...

The new blog look is good!

The Churn Dash quilt came out beautifully! Lucky owner.

I'm coveting your swap blocks!! I may have to make some of those - I love them!

You're lucky your furry friends play together. Mine don't play that well. The younger one aggravates the older one. Gee, just like kids, huh?

Sharon said...

Oh, I forgot to mention - your Pink Ribbon quilt came out great! And I love that you added a liberated word to it - good for you! I hope the quilt makes lots of money.

Mad about Craft said...

The churn dash quilt is lovely.

I have a dog and cat that do exactly the same.