Friday, July 23, 2010

Stitching Progress

As I've mentioned before, I'm quilting a monster sized quilt for my gal pal, it's 108 x 130 and it's all custom. It's taking me hours and hours to quilt one row. I've got 2 1/2 rows left to go, but this has been consuming most of my quilting time.
I do get a few minutes here and there in my sewing room, when my machine is warming up or a few minutes after I've quit longarming for the evening.
This is a bit of "mindless" sewing, all the strips and blocks are cut and ready to push through the machine.
This is a top in progress from last fall, it's going to be so bright and cheery when it's all finished. It's from my list of UFO's that can be worked on this year.
Here is my Liberated Amish challenge quilt. I've started the hand quilting, I've decided on feathers up and down each of the black bars.

I see lots of bloggers have taken a Process Pledge. Not me, but I will share this with everyone. I am marking the feathers free hand and using this pencil. Click on the photo for close ups. You can see faint marking lines, these are the original marks that have rubbed off. And you can see the more recent markings. The pencil I am using is a PrismaPencil in silver. I LOVE this pencil, it's my favorite marking tool. Does it work for everything? Nope, none of them do, but this one is my "go to" marking pencil for any project. Plus it comes out right away with a spray of Sew Clean and a quick rub with a cloth.
And I'll end with a beautiful shot of the beach at Hicks Lake, BC where I spent 4 nights camping. Oh to have more vacation days than work days!


Ann Champion said...

Your red and white project looks yummy! I really like the pansies too!
Your quilting is just beautiful. I haven't tried that pencil..but will look into getting one. I always like it when I see actual reviews for a product, so thanks for sharing it.
Your flowers are gorgeous! So nice for the first year of a flower bed, which can be a real learning experience.
I'm glad you enjoyed your camping. I can't imagine sleeping on the's been years since we've done that! :)

Mimi said...

Oh, can't wait to see your red quilt. I love red.

Karen said...

I was about to ask if you were doing the feathers free hand and you answered my question. You are a brave soul doing that. They look good.

Nicole said...

Your hand quilting is awesome Sharon! And I am dying to see more of the red and white project. I had to laugh when I red your post about doing projects for others...A topic near and dear to my heart! lol

julieQ said...

I am loving your hand quilting! Lovely! That red and white looks so pretty.