Monday, March 7, 2011

It Only Took 5 Years

These were pre printed pillow case panels that I purchased back in the winter of 2005. I stitched them and then decided I wanted to make pillows out of them.  Fast forward to about 2008 when I purchased the backing, a creamy yellow w/red toille print in a home dec fabric.  I put the zipper in the backing, then sewed the back and the front wrong sides together, added binding to the quilted side, turned it and hand finished it just like  a quilt.

So here we are, pushing on into the spring of 2011 and I have the pillows finished.  My gal pal Muriel came over a few weeks ago and we got the zippers in and this weekend I did the assembly. The good part was that the pillow forms were 1/2 price last weekend at Joann.
I also did a bit more piecing on my Sister's Choice top. Here are four more blocks, I have about 60 more to go. This is a "whenever" project, so blocks will get made "whenever".
I guess you have figured out that my camera surfaced. Can you believe I lost it in this?
I just dove into my red and white/cream scrappy blocks, I can't imagine working on anything else right now.


Karen said...

The quilting design on the pillow is oh so nice. I love toille fabrics. A good combination for your pillows.

Lori said...

Yay! You found your camera!! The pillows are gorgeous! I bet you are thrilled they are finally done.
I really like your Sisters choice blocks too.
Thanks for the heads up on the two-for-one museum tickets. I've printed it out and have it with my stack of papers.:)

Janet said...

I love your pillows, there's something great about red toile. So glad you found your camera. I have a lot of whenever projects, your blocks look great together.

Barb said...

Only 5 years, not bad! I have project way older. They turned out lovely! I love the toile' especially.
Your blocks are great = love the colors.

julieQ said...

So, you mean only five years? That is a new project for me...Hee!!! Very pretty, I bet they are just wonderful in your decor!