Monday, March 7, 2011

Two for One

Are you heading to NYC for the Red & White quilt exhibition?  Surely you will want to visit the Folk Art Museum where they have quilt exhibits at both branches.  Here is a  2 for 1 admission.  What a deal!  If you can't make the trip, you can live vicarioulsy through Taryn's blog here , Repro Quilt Lover.  She's doing a virtual Red & White show along with a fun giveaway.
As for an update on my projects, well, I've lost my camera.  OK, it's been misplaced, it's somewhere in my house.  The problem with this situation is that I had company come over on Saturday and that involved some serious cleaning and picking up.  You know, moving all the quilting stuff off the counters, table, couch etc.  But when this happens, when I put order to my personal chaos, I lose things.  So far it's only been my camera.  I've found the case, so I'm half way there!

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liz said...

I understand 100% regarding misplacing things. Good news is that it is somewhere in your house, not somewhere in the wider world. That cuts down the looking places immeasurably. Thanks for the 2 for 1 tip. Makes it twice as bad for those of us unable to go. LOL.