Friday, March 25, 2011

One More Sleep

Well, technically, 2 more sleeps but the last night will be on the plane as I fly across this beautiful land and arrive in NYC, The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps.

I'll do my best to take lots of photos. I won't be posting until I return. Have a fabulous week, and if the mood strikes you, get out your red and whites and make a little something to honor the Red & White Exhibit!

I'm sure there are other things to do in NYC *vbg* but this has captured my attention. We will see a show or two, eat from street vendors, shop, take in Central Park and above all, try to stay warm. My retail therapy didn't include 40 degree weather!



liz said...

Wish I could be there. I'm trusting you to take the BEST photos. Have fun for us all!

Louise said...

Travel safe, Sharon...We will all be anxious to hear about it and see photos on your return. Since I do not need to start one more project right now perhaps I will work on quilting one of my little redwork quilts. Have fun!! By the way I have my first length of green stem made and 17 almost perfect red circles..This is indeed fun.

Sujata said...


Have a wonderful time in NY and at the exhibit. I already heard great reviews about the show. I can not wait to visit there too. Counting days!

Janet said...

It's finally happening, how very exciting. Have a ton of fun.

Brandie said...

SO jealous! I will be here making a red and white schoolhouse blocks and wishing I was with you. Have great fun and PLEASE take lots of pics!

Ann Champion said...

It still boggles my mind that these quilts all belong to one woman.
From the pics I've seen so're in for a fabulous show!