Thursday, January 26, 2012

Other Peoples Quilts

One of the biggest joys I have as a longarm quilter is seeing other peoples quilts. I love seeing their fabric selections, their piecing style,and I just love "talking quilts" to anyone.
This was a BOM that was made using Marti Michell templates. Elsie said each block went together perfectly, due to the precision cutting. To me that seems fussy, but whatever works. Lots of different ways to get the same result.
When I saw this quilt, it took me a minute to realize I have bolts of almost every one of these fabrics. My border fabric has a cream background instead of the black. E was lamenting on how long this was in the making and I was thinking.....geez, have I had that fabric for that long and done nothing with it? :-)

This next quilt was inspired by Kathie's cover quilt. Wow, what a difference brights and whites make!  I quilted it with a lime green specialty thread and I love it.  It's not mine  :-( but I know MF will love it when she picks it up tomorrow. 

It's quilted in a swirly, wavy all over freehand design.  She's taking this quilt to her daughters house, so when she visits her grandchildren, she will have a quilt to snuggle under.
Working on other quilts is such a treat, I feel honoured that I am entrusted with these treasures, if only for a short while.


Janet O. said...

I just finished the first block of that Marti Mitchell BOM today! I am using different fabrics, but they are floral prints in muted shades of green and red. I've never made a quilt using paper templates before. Interesting experience.
That bright, cheerful quilt would be fun to take on visits to grandkids. Nice quilting pattern.

Mimi said...

Both are beautiful!

Kathie said...

both are just beautiful! WHAT fun it is to see the hourglass quilt made in brights, very beautiful.
thanks so much for sharing made my day!

Merilyn said...

They are both such lovely quilts, very different from each other - love the floral border print! I also love the hourglass quilt too, I agree the lime really makes it visually interesting!!! You did a great job quilting them!!!

Louise said...

As always Sharon, I am impressed! How do you manage to get so much done?