Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making Progress

My BTCT is coming along.  I've gotten two more blocks done.
This one is Block 22 but for me it's #17
Just finished the stitching on another block tonight, it still needs the embroidery, but that will be done at the end. In the pattern it's Block  20 but for me it's #18
I love the vase fabric on this block. I needed a green vase in the quilt but I didn't want a solid.  This project has me completely engaged, and a big part of that is seeing people post their 25 blocks and borders over at Beyond the Cherry Tree blog. 
What's got you engaged these days?


Janet O. said...

I've seen this quilt almost finished in blogland. It is a beauty! Love your blocks. You have made great fabric choices.
What has me negaged? Too many things! : ) I need to focus!!

Kathie said...

another great 2 blocks, keep going! II love the vase fabric good choice!
hmmm just playing around with scraps from the scrap basket, I am finally getting ready to put the rest in a box and donate it!

Karen said...

The block with the vase is one of my favorites from all the patterns. It has been interesting seeing what the different makers use for the vase.

liz said...

You are really buzzing along right now. Your vase fabric is a good choice. I am switching projects so frequently now, my head is spinning.