Sunday, February 5, 2012


Our JT2 group had our first meeting Sat at Fabric-Etc in Bellingham.  Ten have signed up and we had 9 make the meeting.  Here are the beginnings of JT2 Whatcom County style.
First up are Verna's blocks. WOW is all we could say when she opened up her display.  She's using all blacks and whites and it is striking.  She tested both red and black stitch work and the unanimous  decision was to go with the black. Beautiful!
Next up are Tonya's blocks. Now don't think she followed the trend with hers either.
Tonya is using a variety of shirtings for her backgrounds and it is looking amazing!
It's a little hard to see the colors in this one, but Tracey really stepped out and is using a striking eggplant and cream combo.  Hers is definitely going to a winner when it's all finished.

Jan is using some of her stash for this one.  I think she said she pulled almost 30 reds when she started shopping in her sewing room.  She's got some subtle mixes, she used a different red for the roof of the house, and it's just enough to give her block dimension.  Jan is also doing the redwork and it's sure looking good. 
Here are a few of my blocks, I have the big one from Feb 1 to finish and I'm all caught up. As much as I love mine, solid red and cream, it seemed a little ho hum after seeing all the other combos. There was even a pink and brown combo, but Carol didn't get her blocks up on the wall. Next time!
I'm amazed at how organized some quilters are. People have binders and plastic sleeves for their blocks and patterns, even a cover sheet for the binder. Geez, I emptied out a plastic bin big enough for a 12 1/2" block and that's it. After I've made the block, who knows where the pattern went to. Hmmm, I could take a few pointers from the organized ones, then again, maybe not, old habits die hard!
Our JT2 group will meet on the first Sat of the month; next meeting is March 3 and Tracey is going to demo foundation paper piecing.  I know I could use a refresher on this! There was such a demand, that an afternoon mid week class has been scheduled. Call Fabric-Etc for details!


Mimi said...

Very nice. It's hard to figure out which I like the best. There are so many color combos that this quilt would look great in. Thanks for sharing.

liz said...

They are all looking good. What fun for a group of virtual quilters to come together in reality.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

What a great idea, I think we'll have to organise something similar. They certainly look great alongside each other.

Louise said...

I am glad I am officially on board with JT 2. I havejusttwo blocks made so far but I will catchup . I love red and white quilts so I am happy with my decision. I might have to pop in one of these days and take a peek. Sounds like a dedicated group. Thanks for sharing the photos and the comments Sharon.

Lori said...

How fun to see the variety!!