Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

I've got nothing! Well, nothing to show of my own.  I've been putting the borders on my 30's reproduction BOM, 2 done and 2 more are cut and ready to pin and sew. Then to make the binding and put it in "the pile".  line to get quilted.

Finished a large quilt for a customer on Sunday, 100+ x 100+. Yes, it was big. Loaded up another one for M.

Just Takes 2 is in progress, I made 3 blocks last night, so two more to go and I'll be on track. I'm going to demo Back Basting Applique at our first JT2 meeting at Fabric Etc.  This is a fun project so far and it will definitely get people outside their quilting box with the variety of techniques that have appeared in the first two installments of patterns.
A few years ago I taught my boss DebS to quilt. When someone wants to learn how to make a quilt, I won't teach them how to make a specific quilt. What I teach them is how to quilt, so then they can go and make anything they want. Here is Debs first project she did. After grumbling about the hand work that I insisted she do on this project, it is now hand quilted. Oh, and she has hand quilted several pieces in the meantime, has made numerous Hawaiian appliques and she now loves the hand work!
Great job Debs!

Hope you are all staying safe and warm with all the snow. Winter has arrived here in the NW.....brrrrrr. It was 11 in my little town last night!


Janet O. said...

Your boss made a wonderful quilt. Since I still don't like the handwork, maybe I should have had you as a teacher. : )

liz said...

Lots of things happening over your way. I think your boss is lucky she had such a good teacher. Her sampler came out nice and now she is equipped for anything! I hope you are OK in the cold. Difficult to imagine from where I am.

Lori said...

I'm loving the Just Takes two blocks. As you said, there is a variety of techniques which keeps it fun!

Sharon said...

I love your JT2 blocks. And how freeing to not have to agonize over your fabric choices.

Did you survive the Great Storm?? I think I did. I sure missed sewing though. It was too cold to feel my fingers so no hand work or even cutting fabric. I'm glad it's over now, and I hope it stays gone for awhile!