Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Sided

I'm back at machine quilting. I wasn't sure how this was looking, so I finished the top row and had to step away from it. Now that it's the a.m. and I'm looking at it with fresh eyes, I really like how it's turning out. This will be a raffle quilt and I hope to have it in the mail by next weekend.

The star quilting isn't as pronounced, but I did not want to do all the background with ruler work.  The pieced stars are stitched in the ditch and template work in the centers, the quilted star outline is ruler work and the balance is freehand.  Quilt is 60x60.  A nice lap size.
Girlfriend quilt update: I've ran out of bobbin thread twice so far, these pieced borders take a lot of time!  One down and three more to go.
The setting triangles and stop border are purple, the colors look so blue in the photos.  I'm so glad I did not finish this quilt when I started it.  There wasn't an inkling of a pieced border at that time.  I guess some things really do need to rest before they get finished.
**Movie Review** 
Argo - Amazing.  If you haven't seen it and it's back in a theater, check it out.  Even though I knew how it would end, my palms were sweaty, I was on the edge of my seat and holding my breath at the end!

I'm off to brunch with my gal pals today, then back at the machine for some more quilting time in the afternoon.  Enjoy your Sunday!


Louise said...

Your quilting on the star quilt is amazing! I really like what you did on it Sharon..

Nifty Quilts said...

Big ditto! Beautiful quilting!

Janet O. said...

Your quilting on the raffle quilt is beautiful!
And the border really sets off your floral quilt. Lots of work, but what a nice finishing touch.

alice findlay said...

beautiful quilting for the star quilt

Helen said...

Your quilting is wonderful and so was Argo!

Lori said...

Nice quilting and I love the pattern too!!