Sunday, January 6, 2013

Out of the Box

Once the list of UFO's got written, this was the first one to go on the design wall. Since the blocks were all made, it was the closest to finished, so I started there. In less than two hours, all the blocks were sewn in rows and I've picked out the setting triangle fabric.  I had collected these prints 6 or 7 years ago. This seems so far out of my box now that I've worked so much with the CW prints in the last few years.

I'll use the balance of this for the border. I have no idea what size this is, I just know I've used up all the blocks from "the box".  Using setting triangles posed a challenge for two sides of this quilt as the sashing needs to be around all sides of the print.  I've had to sew the sashing to the setting triangle and then using partial seams, I'm able to put the rows together.  I've made the setting triangles a little bigger so when I trim down the sides, I'll have a 1/2 " When I add the borders (in the same fabric), it will float by 1/4"
Seems like there is a lot of left over sections along with a stack of prints, I see a few table runners in the future.
The flag has all the quilting finished, the tabs have been machine sewn down and I just need to do a little bit of hand sewing on the bottom of the tabs, but I'll put this down as my first finish of the year.
I know it's only a week into the new year but do you have any finishes yet? Sometimes we are so close to finished, but we get sidetracked.

Hope you got in some sewing time this weekend.


Louise said...

I just finished my first project as well. The very same quilt pattern as your own. A kit inspired by Betsy Chutchian. I just finished the binding last night! Hurrah for both of us.

Lori said...

I finished my first project last night. Washed it up and took photos today and will post tomorrow! I'm always energized in January!!
I love what you've got going!!

Janet O. said...

I made a pansy fabric quilt for a daughter years ago--some of those fabrics look very familiar!
Your tumbler flag looks great!
I have completed blocks for two quilts, and completed a flimsy, but haven't finished any projects.

Pat said...

Your quilt is perfect for January - not sure about your weather, but purples & pansies are a welcomed touch of spring around these parts! Congratulations on such a great start!!!

Betsy said...

Yes, I have a few but I am still binding them. I blinded two placemats before work this morning. Steady and slow. I love your flag wallhanging.

Mimi said...

good for you. Anything completed is a good thing. I have nothing major to report yet, but I have checked off a couple things on my list, but I took on the easiest things first. Keep up the good work.

Sharon said...

Congrats on your finish and your progress! Yes, that fabric doesn't look anything like what you've shown on the blog in the last few years! Funny how our tastes change, isn't it? My older UFO's look dated to my eyes too.

No finishes here yet, unless you count the pillowcase I finished today. Hey, I guess that counts! It was a 2 week old UFO! :D