Sunday, May 25, 2014

Flag Waving

Many thanks to all those who have served, my grandfather, my father, my friends, and to all the families who have active and past service men and women in their family. You are appreciated.

I love this little tumber piece, it's perfect for the door.  With Memorial Day in May, Flag day in June, 4th of July, I've got my door covered!


who's 35 yr old g.f. is in boot camp right now.  Go Haley Go


Louise said...

I agree Sharon. Thank you to all our veterans, young and old. I was sad that we couldn't fly our flag today, doggone rain! Maybe tomorrow we cam have a dry day.

Ramona said...

I love your little flag. That is one thing I have not made... a flag quilt. Must add that to my list!
Enjoy your Memorial Day.

Janet O. said...

Oh, thanks for the reminder, Sharon. I need to get my tumbler flag out tonight!!

antique quilter said...

always love this little quilt
RWB quilts are treasures aren't they?